How to get started

Meet With A TAB-approved Employee Benefits Broker
Whether you are a small company with one or two employees, or a major corporation employing hundreds, you may be experiencing insurance rate hikes that make it difficult to provide your employees with meaningful health insurance and benefits. Or, perhaps you have never been able to affordably provide a benefits package to your employees. A TAB-approved Employee Benefits Broker will work with you on how to budget and plan an effective employee benefits package, and then work with your employees on how to choose the benefits that will work best for them and their families.

The first step is meeting with an advisor who can answer any questions you may have about the Members’ Choice Marketplace. This includes a personalized demonstration of the online platform so that you can fully understand how the marketplace works. If you are ready to get started, click here to find a TAB-approved Employee Benefits Broker.
Begin the implementation process

You have made the decision to join the TAB Member’s Choice Marketplace. The implementation process is typically a 60-day period where the team will work with you to design your employees benefits package. They will handle everything: loading your benefit information, importing your employee data, educating your staff, and everything else that comes with being a member of the marketplace.
Rollout Begins
Once the implementation process is complete, we begin the rollout of the marketplace.

You will have an experienced advisor to answer your questions and your employees will have access to multiple support mechanisms including email and a call center for technical support.