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What is the Texas Association of Builders Member’s Choice Health Insurance & Employee Benefits Marketplace?

The Texas Association of Builders has designed the Member’s Choice Marketplace, a selection of voluntary and ancillary benefits written just for TAB members.

TAB’s marketplace contains every major employee insurance benefit available – health, dental, vision, life, long & short term disability and many others. TAB brings you choice in benefits, and employers may choose from a variety of carriers and the different plans they offer.

Among all the commercially-available health plans TAB's marketplace has, are the following plans offered by TAB from Covenant Care and written specifically for TAB:

Under a traditional defined benefits plan, the employer chooses the benefits their employees will receive. The modern alternative is a marketplace where the employer creates a budget, allocates those dollars among employees, and the employees choose what they want from the marketplace. This defined contribution plan, where the employer defines the contribution to each employee and the employee decides what benefits to buy, enables an employee to choose the benefits that make the most sense for them and their family.